Get alerted about emergencies and other important community news by signing up for the AlertLJ Program!
This system enables us to quickly provide critical information for various situations, such as service interruptions, water advisories, unexpected road closures, changes in garbage collection, etc. You will receive real-time messages delivered via email and/or text message to addresses or cell numbers of your choice.
If an alert is active, our website will display a pop-up message on the home page and display a floating red button with a white " ! " in the top right corner. Active alerts can also be viewed below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is AlertLJ different than the Junaluskans Email Service or Haywood Alerts?
A person signs up for AlertLJ to receive urgent news and notices from Assembly Public Works that may specifically affect residents and customers located within and just outside the immediate Lake Junaluska Assembly community. The Junaluskans Email Service, faithfully managed and maintained by Junaluskans volunteer Frank Stith, provides a broader and more interpersonal community connection, delivering a wide variety of news, updates, and happenings around the lake. Haywood Alerts is a county-wide emergency alert program maintained and funded by Haywood County government, which provides emergency alerts regarding severe weather, police activity, road closures, AMBER/Senior alerts, and other vital information. To stay well informed and aware of what's going on in and around Lake Junaluska, we encourage residents and customers to sign up for all three programs.
How do I change my contact information or unsubscribe?
Click here to unsubscribe. Please note, unsubscribing your email will also unsubscribe your cell phone! To change your contact information, simply unsubscribe your current email/cell phone and then resubscribe with the correct information. 
Who can I contact if I have questions or need help?
Connect with the Assembly Public Works staff at for assistance!