Current Projects

Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community. 

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White Dogwood Road (Planning) 2023

Water Line Replacement

Holston Village Rd (Planning) 2023

In the planning stages. Lundy Lane Complete 2022

Siler Circle-Norton Way-Hart Lane Water and Sewer Line Replacement-Complete

Changing out old pipe for new water and sewer lines. Paving

Oxford Road Water & Sewer Replacement, & Paving

We are currently in Phase 1 of this project, with a portion of water line having been replaced. 

Meter Replacement Program

The Meter Replacement Program began a few years ago, and we are nearing completion. All manual, analog water meters are being replaced wtih ultrasonic, radio-read electronic meters. We have completed installation of about 80% of the system, and will be installing the remaining 20% throughout 2021.

Geospatial Information System (GIS) Mapping

Equipment has been purchased, and some preliminary mapping has occured. We expect the project to continue through several phases over the next couple years, beginning with water system mapping. As utility and community infrastructure assets are inventoried and mapped, this information will assist APW in countless ways, including:

  • Improve field operations by knowing exact locations of important water/sewer system components below the ground.
    • Minimizing the risk of line breaks during construction, and subsequent service outages.
    • Reducing the time and effort needed to locate and find lines when digging or planning projects.
    • Improving the response time during water line breaks and allowing for faster cut-off at valves, resulting in reduced water loss and better isolation of areas affected by shutoffs.
  • Optimizing capital project planning/budgeting by assessing and predicting priorities and areas of greatest need based on a variety of GIS-tracked system factors.
  • Expanding our work order system by providing customers with new direct reporting capabilities, and allowing field crews to better organize field work based on geographic location.
  • Capture and manage information about lead service lines (LSL) and inform the public about the LSL status in the system, as mandated by the EPA's newly revised Lead and Copper Rule.
  • Improve customer communication, satisfaction and confidence with new methods to engage, inform and educate the community.