APW Services

Assembly Public Works, formerly known as Residential Services, is tasked with maintaining the critical infrastructure of the Lake Junaluska community as a whole. Besides serving as the water and sewer utility for over 850 residential and commercial properties, APW also provides solid waste disposal, street maintenance, stormwater management, and security service, and oversees property sales and new construction within the Assembly.

APW is funded through two revenue streams: monthly utility billing, and annual Service Charge billing. Monthly utility bills pay for water and sewer services and capital improvements. The annual assessment pays for all other services offered by APW. The Lake Junaluska Conference & Retreat Center, as a customer of APW, pays for the same services at the same rates, just as a Lake Junaluska homeowner would. As an unincorporated community, APW does not receive any state or county apportioned funds, nor do we receive subsidies from the Conference Center.


Water & Sewer Department

The Assembly purchases its water and sewage treatment from the Town of Waynesville. Assembly Public Works owns and maintains all water/sewer lines in the community, the pump stations, and reservoir. The Department conducts regular water tests and publishes an annual Water Quality Report, as required by the State of North Carolina. Each home and facility is metered and billed monthly. Assembly Public Works provides year-round, 24-hour on-call water and sewer service. 


Streets Department

Assembly Public Works maintains approximately seventeen miles of paved roads, the storm drainage system, and signage. Streetlights are financed through the Street Department budget. Most of the roads on the Assembly grounds are private roads owned by Lake Junaluska Assembly. The exceptions are Golf Course Road, County Road, and Highway 19, which are maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. A few private roads are maintained by their owners. The Street Department also provides snow and ice removal.


Sanitation Department

The Sanitation Department is responsible for the collection of trash throughout the community. General household garbage and recycling is collected by our contractor, Consolidated Waste Services (CWS), on a weekly basis, and the cost for this service is included in your yearly service charge bill. Other items, such as bulk trash, yard waste, and leaves are collected by APW staff. The cost of these services are included in your annual Services Charge bill. For more information on Solid Waste services and regulations, please visit the Garbage & Recycling page.


Security Department

Assembly Public Works provides 24-hour security protection for the entire Assembly grounds, 365 days per year. To reach the Officer-on-duty, please call (828) 734-5575, or the 24-hour Haywood County Sheriff's Department Dispatch line at (828) 452-6666. In case of emergencies, call 911. For more information about services provided, please visit the Security page. 


Property Sales

All deeds associated with Assembly property contain certain covenants and restrictions that give the LJA Board of Trustees the right to enforce regulations and the right of first refusal on all property sales. The Lake Junaluska Assembly Rules and Regulations are reviewed, updated and approved every two years by the Board of Trustees. The current version was approved in October, 2023. Assembly Public Works request a copy of the property sales contract and signature on the current Rules and Regulations. Certain subdivisions (Aldersgate, Hickory Hills, Lakemont condos, and Tri-Vista Condos) require signature on more specific agreements. Letters waiving the right of first refusal and detailing any outstanding fees must be requested from the Assembly Public Works Office prior to property closing. Click this link to submit an online request for 'Right of First Refusal' letters or Service Charge inquiries.


Renovations & New Construction

All construction and renovation on the Assembly grounds are subject to the building codes of North Carolina as enforced by the Haywood County Building Inspection Office. Notice to Proceed documentation must be acquired from Assembly Public Works prior to the issuance of a building permit by Haywood County. The Notice to Proceed document spells out restrictions unique to the Assembly, documents fee agreements, and plan approval. Normal fees include impact fees (based on $0.35 per sq. ft. of heated space, $0.25 per sq.ft. of unheated covered space, and $0.20 per sq. ft. of uncovered space), water and sewer tap fees ($600.00 each), and potential damage or hookup cost to our roads, curbs, or storm drains.


A Note on Cluster Mailboxes...

In years past, while known as Residential Services, our office was responsible for the assignment and maintenance of the cluster mailboxes that are found in some areas of the community. However, the management and service to these mailboxes was relinquished to United States Postal Service sometime prior to 2015. The Waynesville Post Office, located at 523 S. Haywood Street in Downtown Waynesville, is now solely responsible for maintaining these boxes, assigning keys, and changing locks.

Waynesville Post Office number (828) 456-9445.