Home Buying, Selling & Renting at Lake Junaluska

Property Sales

All deeds associated with Assembly property contain certain covenants and restrictions that give the LJA Board of Trustees the right to enforce regulations and the right of first refusal on all property sales. The Lake Junaluska Assembly Rules and Regulations are reviewed, updated and approved by the LJA Board of Trustees every two years.

The Public Works Office request a copy of the property sales contract and signature on the current Rules and Regulations. Certain subdivisions (Aldersgate, Hickory Hills, Lakemont condos, and Tri-Vista Condos) require signature on more specific agreements. Letters waiving the right of first refusal and detailing any outstanding fees must be requested from the Assembly Public Works Office prior to property closing. To request a 'Right of First Refusal' letter or for Service Charge inquiries, please contact the APW office or submit an online request


New Home Construction & Renovations

All construction and renovation on the Assembly grounds are subject to the building codes of North Carolina as enforced by the Haywood County Building Inspection Office. Notice to Proceed documentation must be acquired from Assembly Public Works prior to the issuance of a building permit by Haywood County. The Notice to Proceed document spells out restrictions unique to the Assembly, documents fee agreements, and plan approval.

Normal fees include impact fees (based on $0.35 per sq. ft. of heated space, $0.25 per sq.ft. of unheated covered space, and $0.20 per sq. ft. of uncovered space), water tap fees ($600.00) and sewer tap fees ($600.00), and potential damage or hookup cost to our roads, curbs, or storm drains.

To aquire Notice to Proceed documentation, please contact the APW office.


Renting Out your Property-Short and Long Term Tips

Some private property owners choose to make their homes available for rent on a short- or long-term basis.  

For short-term rentals, we strongly encourage the use of the Lake Junaluska Vacation Rental office for local, on-site, visible management to assist you with inevitable landlord issues.   Read more at http://www.lakejunaluska.com/rentals  

The Lake Junaluska Vacation Rental office also manages longer term rental properties.  Local onsite professional property management is highly recommended for long-term rental properties at Lake Junaluska Assembly to deal with the complexities of finding and screening suitable renters and dealing with a myriad of landlord issues including coordinating local services when they are needed quickly.   

Screening long-term renters through your property manager will go a long way to protect your property and your business relationship with renters. At Lake Junaluska, compliance with the Lake Junaluska Rules and Regulations, found at https://www.lakejunaluska.com/about_us/community/community_regulations/  is required for property owners and renters.  

A beginning list of sources for property owners to assist in learning more about renting their Lake Junaluska rental property include:  

thelpa.com, a fee-membership-based organization specializing in landlord issues with helpful articles and forms.  

NCleg.net/gascripts/statutes/statutes.asp to look up Chapter 42 of NC laws dealing specifically with landlord and tenant issues in North Carolina.  

https://www.avail.co/education/articles/15-easy-ways-to-be-an-awesome-landlord, an article delineating a management checklist for landlords  

https://www.rentprep.com/tenant-screening/rental-background-check/ provides information landlords should know about their renters utilizing a tenant screening background check.


A note on Cluster Mailboxes...

In the past, Residential Services (now called Public Works) was responsible for the assignment and maintenance of the cluster mailboxes that are found in some areas of the community. However, the management and service to these mailboxes is now soley maintained by the United States Postal Service via the Waynesville Post Office, located at 523 S. Haywood Street in downtown Waynesville. To receive a new box or request maintenace of an existing box, please contact the post office directly either in-person or by phone at (828) 456-9445.